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Atlantica Aeneas Resort and Spa

Ayia Napa

At the Atlantica Aeneas Resort & Spa has one of the largest swimming pools on the island that comes complete with fountains and...

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Atlantica So White Club Resort

Ayia Napa

So White has been designed by one of the world's top 50 designers. Resort features exquisite, unparalleled design dominated...

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Olympic Lagoon Resort


Launched in 2010 in Agia Napa, and in line with its strong vision, the first Olympic Lagoon Resort has since become the first a...

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Olympic Lagoon Resort

Ayia Napa

One destination… a whole new world! That is what awaits you at the Olympic Lagoon Resort just outside Agia Napa 130 mete...

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No visit to Cyprus is complete without sampling the famed anise-flavoured aperitif, ouzo, alongside a traditional meze (small p...

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Aphrodite Hills Golf Club Restaurant

Paphos Region

Aphrodite Hills Golf Clubhouse Restaurant is adjacent to the 18 hole golf course and is overlooking the green, offering an eleg...


Bacchus Italian Gourmet Restaurant


Our Bacchus Italian Gourmet Restaurant is named after the mythical Greek god of wine and mystical ecstasy. A celebration of Ita...

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Apollo Tavern


Rustic and inviting, Apollo Tavern is blessed with both an abundant menu to suit various tastes, and a fantastic location overl...

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Il Buchetto is a quaint trattoria, committed to serving its diners authentic yet affordable wholesome food: the best of traditi...

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Tsokkos Holiday Apartments

Ayia Napa

This is a modern complex in the very heart of the Ayia Napa offering great value for money. The complex has 3 outdoor pools, ki...