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Aphrodite's Rock

Paphos Region

Aphrodite’s Rock - Petra tou Romiou, Local tradition claims that the birthplace of Aphrodite is an area near Paphos calle...

Akamas Peninsula

Paphos Region

Aphrodite Greek Goddess of Love & Beauty played in the Akamas Peninsula long before anyone knew of this magical place in th...

Cypriot Food Specialities


Halloumi Cheese Probably the most famous Cypriot dish, Halloumi’s popularity now extends to many countries throughout...

Lara Bay

Paphos Region

Lara is about 27 km from Paphos and is one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches Island has to offer. It is a must see bea...

Lefkara Laces

Lefkara Village

The tradition of lace-making in the village of Lefkara in southeastern Cyprus dates back to at least the fourteenth century. In...

Nissi Beach

Ayia Napa

With its crystal clear waters and gently shelving white sand, Nissi Beach is gorgeous to look at and a great place to chill out...

Troodos Mountains

Nicosia Region

The stunning Troodos Mountains are coverd with beautiful pine forests some trees hundreds of years old. In winter months, slope...

Famous from Cyprus


Limassol Region

During the hot summer months especially the month of August many locals escape the heat in the cooler locations of Trodos and a...